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About Parga

      Parga is a wondrous picturesque town in the west coast of Greece. It has been built amphitheatrically and it is surrounded by mountains and idyllist beaches! Some of the most beautiful beaches of Parga are Lichnos Valtos and Krioneri!  Parga beaches is an ideal place for sunbathing and watersports! Parga has collorfoul houses and narrow romantic alleys! Although Parga is an ideal Place for relaxing it has also a great nightlife, as such there great bars to entertain visitors themselves! 
   Moreover in Parga people can visit many sightseeings such as the Venetian  castle of Parga which Is located in the top of hill and the islet of Parga which is located in the opposite of the 
centre of Parga. 
The visitors of parga can do many activities such as hiking and watersports. Moreover they can enjoy some trips in nearby places of parga such as the archaelogical place of Nikopolis, Paxos, Ioannina, Meteora. 
    Each  year hundred of thousand of tourists from all the over the world visit parga!Parga is one of the most favourite destination for tourists of many countries such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Uk, Germany, Italy,  Finland, Czech, Holland, Serbia. 

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Parga Castle

Ali Pasha Castle / Το κάστρο του Αλή Πασά

Photo Exhibition by Nautical Club of Parga