Monday, May 2, 2011

Enetiko Resort

Enetiko Resort 

A wonderful Hotel in Parga!

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Enetiko was built with respect to the traditional architecture of the Venetians. It is set in the bright green Venetian olive grove of Parga and it looks out over the boundless blue of the Ionian offering a resort to the visitor who asks for resting, peacefulness and unconcern. It is 200 metres away from the centre of Parga and its beaches.

Enetiko Resort has 9 studios, 4 apartments, 3 suites, 4 mezonettes, bar, pool and spa facilities. All rooms have a kitchen, air conditioning, satellite TV and a safe. The beds, the mattresses, the sheets and the furniture all are ecological from COCO-MAT company. Here you can also enjoy the excellent service and the outstanding environment. Its unconventional architecture is going to be the talk of the resorts of the Ionian.

Photos of Enetiko!

Enetiko Resort by Night!

The Swimming of Enetiko Resort!

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