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Wonderful Places in Epirus

1. Zagori

Zagori is an area in the Pindus Mountains in the prefecture of Epirus. It contains 45 beautiful  villages Known as Zagorohoria.
In Zagoria there is the Gorge of Vikos. According to the World Guiness Book, the gorge of Vikos is the deepest   Gorge in the World

                                                                  Vikos Gorge

2. Ιoannina City

Ioannina is the largest city in the prefecture of Epirus. Ioannina lies in the western side of the lake of Pamvotis. 
Ioannina have many attractions such as the  castle area in the centre of city, the islet in the lake pamvotis. the Pavlos Vrellis Greek History Museeum  and the cave of Perama.

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3. Preveza

Preveza is located about 45 minutes away from Parga. Preveza is located in the tip of Amvrakikos Gulf. In Preveza there are many attractions such as  Nikopolis which  is located tn the suburbs of Preveza. Nikopolis was built in 31 by Octavian in memory of his victory over Anthony and Cleopatra At Actium. Moreover, in Mesopotamus a village close to Preveza is located the archaelogical site of Nekromanteion. 

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4. Metsovo

Metsovo is a small village which is located in Epirus in the mountain Pindus. It is builded in an altitude of 1100-1300 meters. Metsovo is a popular tourist attraction mainly in the winter time! such as it is surrounded by snow and it has a great ski centre where the visitors have a great time! Moreover there are great sightseeing such as monasteries and museums!

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Ali Pasha Castle / Το κάστρο του Αλή Πασά

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