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Parga is a wonderful place with many sightseeings (Parga Castle, Parga Islet, Natural Caves in Lichnos). Moreover there  and other  great places and sightseeings  which you may visit during your visit in Parga, such as the Nikopolis, Nekromanteion, Bridge of Arta etc.

1) The Castle of  Parga

The castle of Parga was built  by Normans in the 14th century. After many successive destructions it took its final form by the venetians.

Check out many photos of castle of Parga here:

2) The Islet of Virgin Mary.

Τhe wondrous verdant islet of Virgin Mary lies opposite of the Port of Parga!  In the islet there is a little church and a little castle of French Construction!

3)  Nekromanteion (20 Km South of Parga)   

4) Acheron  River (Near the Village of Glyki)     

5) The Castle of Anthousa/Agia

The castle of Anthousa/Agia lies in a hill between Anthousa and Agia. It was built by Ali Pasha in order to supervise and besiege Parga.

6) The Natural Caves in the beach of Lichnos


7) Paxos 

Paxos is a small Island close to Parga. During your visit in Parga, you can take a brief cruise to Paxos. 

Source of Photo:

8) Nikopolis

Nikopolis was built in 31 by Octavian in memory of his victory over Anthony and Cleopatra At Actium. It is located close to the city of Preveza

Source of Photo:

9) Arta Bridge

Arta Bridge is an old stone bridge which was constructed at ancient Roman Times. It is located close to the city of Arta. Arta lies about 100 km away of Parga

10) The church Museum and the Churches of Parga

In Parga there are about 50 churches. Some of them Located in the alleys of Parga and other in slopes and cliffs. In addition to this in Parga lies a Church 

                  The Temple of Saint Nicolas in the centre of Parga

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Parga Castle

Ali Pasha Castle / Το κάστρο του Αλή Πασά

Photo Exhibition by Nautical Club of Parga