Saturday, May 8, 2010

Suggestion of things to do during your stay in Parga

During your visit in suggested to you to.....!!!

1) Visit the castle of Parga
2) Visit the Islet of Parga
3) Go to Valtos Beach
4) Go to Lichnos Beach
5) Go to Kryoneri Beach
6) Go to Sarakiniko Beach
7) Go to Paxos
8) Visit Anthousa Village
9) Do Watersports in the great beaches of Parga
10) Buy some souvenirs from the local stores of Parga
11) Drink Ouzo!
12) Make a ride with the train of Parga!
13) Make Kamaki!
14) Have Sunbathing (do not forget to sun lotion)
15) Rent a Bike so as to visit nearby beaches and villages
16) Eat Pita Gyros
17) Take sea pedal boat and go around kryoneri beach
18) Drink Mojito!
19) Drink Daquiri Strawberry!
20) Visit the churches of Parga!
21) Visit Nekromanteion (archaelogical area)
22) Visit Acheron River
23) Have a walk in the romantic narrow alleys of Parga
24) Take many, many, many photos of Parga!
25) Go to Tourkopazaro to enjoy the great view
26) Dance to the Bars of Parga
27) Go the Great Tavernas of Parga
28) Go to Piso Kryoneri Beach
29) Go the caves of Aphrodite in Lichnos Beach
30) Visit the Church Museum 
31) Enjoy the view from the castle of Parga 
32) Visit Anthousa
33) Diving 
34) Visit the castle of Agia/Anthousa
35) Hiking 

Soon More suggestions!!!!

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Parga Castle

Ali Pasha Castle / Το κάστρο του Αλή Πασά

Photo Exhibition by Nautical Club of Parga